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About Us: Welcome

The Young Musicians Guild (YMG) was established in 2020 to create performance opportunities for musicians of exceptional calibre. Given the recent challenges faced by the Arts Sector we believe there is an essential need for an organisation that can source and promote formalised opportunities for emerging young artists.


YMG is a membership-based organisation that offers a platform from which young musicians can build on their musical, performance, and professional skills and careers.

We are a community and a collective that enables musicians to explore their artistic potential, whilst also forging encouraging and mutually beneficial relationships.

Our membership consists of formally trained and self-taught musicians, artists and technicians who are provided with the necessary support and guidance they need to succeed in the world of music.

Artistic integrity is a strong focal point in our membership recruitment criteria, and establishing systems of development and collaboration are key elements of our philosophy, as is adequate remuneration.

As an organisation, we strive to bring outstanding musical experiences to all corners of the globe, bridging the gap between the classical, contemporary, underground and grassroots music scenes whilst networking with musicians, artists, and technicians to offer bespoke events for prospective clients and associates.


While still in its infancy, the potential for YMG is limitless. From hosting concerts, club nights, charity events, workshops and master-classes to the promotion of music in underprivileged sectors of society, YMG exists to involve its members in musical causes and to source exhilarating opportunities. We are enthusiastic and motivated with an incredible desire to share our passion for music with you and the world.

About Us: Campaigns
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